2016 Taiwan Cup Track International Classic I & II (CL1) 2-4 June 2016

General Information


Race Date: 2 – 4 June. 2016

2016 Taiwan Cup Track International Classic I :    2-3  June 2016

2016 Taiwan Cup Track International Classic II :    4    June 2016


Venue: Hsin-Chu Velodrome

Address: Eighteen Peaks Mountain, East District, Hsin-Chu city, Taiwan R.O.C

Track Specification: Outdoor Velodrome, 333.33 meters, concrete surface and width 7.5m, track angle 7°~38°.


The Organizing Committee: Chinese Taipei Cycling Association

Address: Left side of Velodrome, No. 160, Chinan Rd., Nanzi Dist.,

Kaohsiung City 811, Taiwan (R.O.C)

TEL: +886-7-3556978

FAX: +886-7-3556962




Official Hotel : (TBC)

Lakeshore Hotel Hsinchu

Address: No. 773, Ming-Hu Rd., Hsinchu City, Taiwan R.O.C., 30065

TEL: +886-3-5203181

FAX: +886-3-5203189


Number of Participants:

  1. For Elite category: the maximum number of riders is 26. (Men 13 and Women 13)
  2. For Junior category: the maximum number of riders is 14. (Men 7 and Women 7)





  1. The participants shall bear the cost as below:  
  1. Participation Fee : USD 80 / per person per day ( triple/4 persons with meals)
  2. Participation Fee : USD 100 / per person per day ( twin room with meals)
  3. Participation Fee : USD 130 / per person per day ( single room with meals)

Meals will be provided from the dinner on the 31 May till the breakfast on 5 June. Please transfer the money via bank or pay in cash (USD) upon arrival.


  1. The organizer will provide participants with a special offer for the number of participation as following:
  1. Send 6 riders, The Organizor will accommodate 1 rider for free (sharing room and meals).
  2. Send 12 riders, The Organizor will accommodate 2 riders for free (sharing room and meals).


Flight tickets cost will be borne by participating teams.


All reservation for the accommodation of each team will be arranged by the organizer. Any registration after the deadline designated in the following registration procedure will not be guaranteed for the accommodation reservation and additional cost may be incurred.


Local Transport:

The Organizer will provide transportation to and from Taoyuan International Airport to the official hotel. As per the UCI guidelines, only one pick up per team on arrival, and one drop off per team on departure will be provided for teams.

This service will be provided by The Organizer on 31 May and 5 June. If team arrive and depart beyond these dates, the team will be charged a fee for this service.


General Rules & Regulations:

2016 Taiwan Cup Track International Classic I & II will be conducted according to UCI Rules and Regulations under Class 1 event. In case of disagreement in the translation of the rules, the English text shall prevail. Any unforeseen cases not covered in the regulation shall be dealt with accordingly.

General issues: Resolved in accordance with UCI and Chinese Taipei Cycling Association.



The UCI penalty scale is the only one applicable.


Age of Competitors:

  1. Elite categories: Shall be open to riders aged 18 and over.
  2. Junior categories: Shall be opened to riders born in 1999 & 1998 (17 & 18 years old).

*Riders of the age 18 can decide whether they want to race the entire race as elite or junior.




Teams and Participants

Note: The maximum number of the participation in each event shall be as follows:

















Time Trial (1km,500m)

1 (I)

1 (II)

1 (I)

1 (II)

Team Sprint

3 (I)

3 (I)

2 (I)

2 (I)

Team Pursuit

4 (I)

4 (I)

4 (I)


2 (II)

2 (I)

2 (II)

2 (I)



2 (I)

Total (Max.)





  • I) means International Classic I (2 days), (II) means International Classic II (1 day)


Registration Procedure:

All participants/teams shall reply their entry by the dates as below:

  • Entry by Number:       20th April 2016
  • Entry by Name:            2th May 2016

Please reply your entry to The Organizing Committee via email or fax.


Tentative Schedule:

31 May 2016 (Tue.)         Team Arrival

1 June 2016 (Wed.)         License Control: 16:00~17:00 (TBC)

Team Manager Meeting: 17:30 (TBC)

Venue:    Hsin-Chu Velodrome (TBC)

2 June 2016 (Thu.)           2016 Taiwan Cup Track International Classic I (Day 1)

3 June 2016 (Fri.)             2016 Taiwan Cup Track International Classic I (Day 2)

4 June 2016 (Sat.)            2016Taiwan Cup Track International Classic II

5 June 2016 (Sun.)         Team Departure



Medals will be presented to the first 3 riders of each event.


Uniform/Team Jersey:

Competitions must wear their National/team jerseys under the UCI’s apparels regulations.


Team Representation:

Each national team/Club shall designate a team manager. The team manager shall represent the team. Any contact with the teams shall be made through the Team Manager.



Equipment used in cycling competitions MUST comply with the UCI rules and regulations. All participants shall ensure that their equipment (bicycle with accessories and other devices fitted, headgear, clothing, etc.) does not by virtue of its quality, material or design, constitute any danger to him or to others. All equipment shall be checked by commissaires before each event.


Official Ceremony:

Rider shall appear in racing attire, wearing their National/Team jerseys, but bare-headed and without headband, sunglass and also unnecessary items, until they leave the official ceremony enclosure.


Anti-Doping Control:

The UCI Anti-Doping regulations are entirely applicable to the event. Moreover, and in conformity with the law of Taiwan, the Chinese Taipei Anti-Doping legislation is applicable in addition to the UCI Anti-Doping regulations.



All participants (include but not limited to team officials, riders and their assistants) are aware that they bear their own responsibility for any injury, accident and / or lost that may occur during their stay in Taiwan while taking part in this Tournament. Participants should take up a properly insurance before leaving their country in order to protect themselves against any lost and to indemnify themselves against any claims.


Other general information:

Climate : 21℃~30℃, Dry , sunny

Time difference: GMT+8

Voltage: 110 Volts, 60Hz

Currency: New Taiwan Dollar (TWD) 

Credit card: All major credit cards are accepted in Taiwan.



Please check with your Embassy for VISA requirements before leaving your country. If you need any official invitation letter for VISA Application, please contact The Organizer.

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