UCI 團隊競速賽2012最新規則

UCI 團隊競速賽2012最新規則修訂







At the completion of his lap, the rear of the leading rider's back wheel must cross the pursuit line ahead of the leading edge of the front wheel of the following rider. Thereafter, the leading rider must draw aside immediately and ride above the sprinter's line within 15 meters after the pursuit line.

Pushing between members of the same team is strictly forbidden.

If any of the requirements above is not met, the team shall be relegated to the last place in the stage of the competition.





2012倫敦奧運自由車女子團隊競速賽,中國大陸隊由於交接時壓到藍區犯規,賽後遭判降級痛失金牌,然而6度拿下世界冠軍的英國搭檔彭多頓(Victoria Pendleton)與瓦尼斯(Jess Varnish),在第一輪比賽中也因為交接違規而遭到降級。

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujm7cja26Fo&feature=related  (相關影片)



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